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First-time homebuyers need all the help they can get, even after closing. As their REALTOR®, one of the most helpful services you can provide is to get your clients ready for moving day. Use this checklist to make their move easier. Read more at Real Estate Insider Magazine.

Transfer utilities.
Remind your buyers to get their water, gas and electricity turned on well before they make the move. Surprises are the last thing they need on move-in day.

Schedule service installations.
Get your clients off to a smooth start by reminding them to schedule important service installations for Internet, television and security alarms. Waiting until the last minute can only add frustration.

Bring cleaning supplies.
A fresh start begins with a clean home. Advise clients to pack a box of cleaning supplies, brooms and mops and keep it separate from their other packed boxes. Presenting your clients with a gift basket of supplies is a practical, thoughtful gesture they’ll appreciate.

Before your new homeowners move anything, they should walk through the house and see that everything is in order according to their purchase agreement. If anything is amiss, your clients should notify you ASAP so you can contact the seller’s agent for quick resolution. In the meantime, don’t let your clients move anything or occupy the premises.

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