Holiday Gifts to Make Clients Smile

The holidays are the perfect time for showing clients how much you appreciate them, but coming up with fresh gift ideas isn’t so easy. If you’re looking for gifts that are out of the ordinary, here are some ideas.

Photo stamps.
Get an early start on the holidays by taking a digital photo of your client’s home. Then turn the photo into a personalized mail stamp with the Photo Stamp service offered by the U.S. Post Office. Imagine the fun clients will have when they mail their holiday cards using their personalized house stamp.

Gingerbread house kit.
For clients with kids, this kit makes a great gift that’s both inexpensive and entertaining for the whole family.

Donate to their cause.
Find out which cause is important to your client and make a donation in your client’s name. Then send your client a greeting card that says you have made a collective donation.

Wine chiller.
Wine aficionados will like this. The Corkcicle is an icicle-shaped wand that looks like a cork. When inserted into a bottle, it keeps wine chilled for hours.

Go local.
Is your local area known for something in particular? Great cupcakes? Craft beer? A local author’s book? These specialty items make wonderful gifts that also say you support your community.,

Share a recipe.
Who doesn’t like a holiday treat? If you have a great recipe that everyone finds irresistible, make it for your clients and give them the recipe to try later.

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