Five Features Women Look for in a New Home

It’s no secret that men and women have different priorities when shopping for a new home. Here’s a look at five features that are popular with women.

A man may be king of the castle, but a woman rules when it comes to buying a new home. In fact, women are a major influence in 91% of all new homes purchased. If you want to make the sale, learn what matters most to your female clients.

Big closets.
Women are busy and have little time to organize. They want a closet where everything is organized and easy to find. A spacious closet with built-in storage is the perfect way to tame clutter.

Jetted tubs.
Kids love them, and that makes bath time easier for Mom. Jetted tubs offer a luxurious yet affordable retreat after a busy day.

WHERE they live matters more to women than the size of the house. A charming, small house in the perfect location trumps a rambling house in the wrong area.

Feeling safe is a high priority for female homebuyers, especially if they’re single. A home with security features is very desirable because it provides peace of mind.

A place to hang out.
Whether it’s gathering around a kitchen island or chilling out in a family room, women crave comfortable spaces where they can gather with friends and family.

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