10 Hot Mobile Apps for Realtors

From easy ways to create and upload panoramic property images to tools that help you track your vehicle mileage to streamlined social network management, here’s a look at new and popular mobile apps that can help your business.

  • Pixeet. Create amazing panoramic visual tours of your properties using your iPhone or iPad. Pixeet makes it easy to capture and upload 360-degree images. The app is free to download. Required hardware starts at $69.99. Additional services available. Currently for iOS. An Android version is in development. www.pixeet.com
  • Agent Alarm. Stay safe at showings and open houses with this helpful app. It lets you check in with colleagues or clients to keep them aware of your status. An automatic Safety Check feature checks in with you at regular intervals and asks you to respond to verify your safety. If you don’t respond, an emergency alert is triggered. For Android and iOS. www.agentalarm.com
  • MileBug Mileage Log & Expense Tracker. Easily track your vehicle mileage for tax or expense reimbursement purposes. $2.99 for iOS and Windows Mobile; $1.99 for Android. www.milebug.com
  • MagicPlan. Create quick floor plans of any property just by taking pictures. It takes automatic measurements and converts them into graphic floor plans, which you can then export as PDF or JPG files. It’s free to download, but there is a charge for each plan you export. For iOS devices. www.sensopia.com
  • Zillow. This handy free app is likely the same one your clients are using. See what they see: home value estimates, foreclosure information, listings and more. For iOS and Android. www.zillow.com/mobile
  • Supra eKey. Turn your smartphone into an electronic lockbox key. You can open and program lockboxes, change codes and more, right from your phone. Available for iOS and Android. The app is free to download, but an additional adapter must be purchased for iPhones. www.supraekey.com
  • Trulia for Agents. An agent-focused app from the popular real estate information website. This free app allows you to keep up with your business while you’re on the go. You can respond to leads, share listing information, check in to homes that you’re showing and more. Available for iOS and Android. www.trulia.com/agents/mobile
  • RulerPhone. Need to measure the dimensions of a room, the width of a doorway or the height of a window? The RulerPhone app for iOS lets you easily measure anything your iPhone or iPad can take a picture of. Free version available, but the $3.99 version allows you to measure larger spaces. www.benkamens.com/rulerphone
  • Mortgage Calculator Pro. This easy-to-use calculator app lets you quickly calculate monthly mortgage payments for clients, allowing you to account for factors such as homeowners insurance, property taxes, HOA dues and more. Available for iOS for $0.99. www.svtsoftware.com/mortgage_calculator_pro
  • Hootsuite. Simplify your social and professional networking efforts with this handy app that provides a single portal to your LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter accounts and more. The free version allows you to manage up to five accounts, while the Pro version ($9.99/mo.) offers enhanced functions like analytics, a custom URL shortener and more. For iOS and Android. www.hootsuite.com

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