Your Garage: Renovating a Forgotten Space

For many, the garage is just a catchall for old tools and other household items. Learn creative ways to make better use of the space and increase property value.

RenovateGarage_600X400.jpg Photo by: Shutterstock

Home office.
Adding a home office to your garage is a fairly simple process that doesn’t require much room or renovation. You can use part of the garage and still have plenty of space left for storage. Start with some synthetic wood flooring or carpeting to give the area an office atmosphere. Have a qualified electrician install extra outlets for your computer equipment and any additional lighting. Paint the walls a soothing color, add a desk, a comfortable chair and a simple shelf system, and you’re in business.

Artist’s studo.
Do you love making music, watercolor painting, or shooting portraits? Turn your garage into a studio space where you can spend hours creating without distractions or disturbing the rest of your family. Depending on your passion, you may need soundproofing, additional outlets, special lighting, a table or computer to work on, a sink where you can wash up or more. Make the space comfortable and functional so you can thoroughly enjoy your art!

Home gym.
If you don’t like going to the gym, why not convert your garage into a space where you can exercise whenever you want? Step one is to protect the floor from damage. Interlocking rubber flooring is simple to install and ideal for home gyms. A thick carpet with non-slip padding will also do. Mount some full-length mirrors so you can check on your form while exercising and be encouraged by your changing physique. Add your favorite exercise equipment, like a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical machine and start working on your six‑pack!

Studio apartment.
If your teenager needs more space (and you need more quiet), turning your garage into a studio apartment can be a great solution. Unless you’re very handy, you’ll have to hire a contractor to put in a small kitchen and bathroom in addition to any electrical and heating work that needs to be done. When the project is finished, you’ll have a retreat for your teenager, a private guest area for out-of-town relatives, or a rental apartment for a tenant, if zoning allows. Make sure to learn if your town requires any permits or places any restrictions on garage conversions before you start renovating.