Take the Sneeze Out of Spring

Pollen season is officially upon us. And if you’re like many people, you or someone you live with is feeling the effects. Just in time for spring, here are five ways you can make your home a bit more comfortable for allergy sufferers.


Change that air filter.
If you haven’t changed your home’s heating and cooling system filter since winter—or longer—then now is the time. You may even want to upgrade to a higher-rated filter capable of trapping finer particulates like pollen.

Upgrade your vacuum cleaner.
A thorough spring vacuuming is a great way to get rid of dust and other allergens that may have accumulated in your home over the winter. If you have an older vacuum cleaner, however, consider upgrading to a new model with a HEPA filter that will help remove more particulates from the air. Some models also accept HEPA replacement bags.

Check allergens at the door.
To prevent pollen from entering your home by hitching a ride on your shoes, have everyone take their shoes off when they come in. Your floors will stay cleaner too.

Vent to the outside.
Check your kitchen and bathroom ventilation fans. If they vent into your attic instead of sending air outside, that can lead to mold growth. Upgrade the vents so they vent moist air—and allergens—to the outdoors.

Replace your shower curtain.
If you have a vinyl shower curtain, inspect it for mold growth. If you see any discoloration or if it’s developed an odor, it’s time to replace it.