Spring Your Pool Into Summer Action

As a pool owner, we know you may be ready for summer, but is your pool? Now’s the time to make sure your pool is the place for family fun all season long.

Photo by: Shutterstock.com

We all know that safety comes first, but what does that really mean when it comes to your swimming pool? A lot can happen to the equipment attached to your pool over the winter. For instance, drain covers can loosen and ladders can shift, including diving boards and slides. Remember, they’ve been sitting unattended through the winter and might need a little adjustment. So before you dive in and relax, have a qualified inspector come out to make sure that all of these items are in water-worthy shape and ready for all kinds of summer activities.

Make sure all the chemicals in the pool are balanced, as well. If you don’t know how to do this, have a licensed pool company come test your pool water and set it up for the summer. You can even take a sample of your pool water into the nearest pool equipment store and they can test it for you. Making sure you have the perfect balance of water, pH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium can not only ensure you pool is swim worthy, but can keep your pool free of stains and algae. You can also buy a simple pool water test kit at a pool supply store to test your water on a weekly basis and maintain the perfect balance all summer long.

Ensure that all your safety equipment is in working order, including floatation devices and the fence surrounding your pool. Floatation devices can give you the seconds you’ll need in case of a water rescue. Making sure they are clean and within reach could be the key to saving a life. Posting safety rules and regulations is a great way to help folks freshen up their water safety skills. Finally, ensuring that your pool fence has a self-closing gate and the ability to lock is essential. Young kids shouldn’t be around a pool unsupervised, and this will ensure that this won’t happen when you’re not home.

And if you do find yourself with a broken pool pump, for example, an American Home Shield home warranty can help cover repairs and replacement just in time for summer fun!

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