Go It Alone or Hire a Pro? Replacing an Entry Door Threshold

Door thresholds play an important role in sealing out the elements. If they’re worn out, doors may not close properly, causing drafts. Should you replace it or hire a professional?


How old is your home?
The age of your home and the style of your door thresholds are key factors to consider when deciding whether to tackle the project yourself. Older homes may present challenges like worn-out subfloors and unusually tall or wide thresholds that can complicate installation.

Are you good with tools?
To properly fit a new threshold, it is likely that you will need to cut it to the dimensions of your doorway. This will require using a hacksaw or a table saw. In some situations, you may need to use a hammer and chisel to remove material from the door trim so the new threshold will fit. Of course, you’ll need to drive the screws that will hold the new threshold in place, which will require drilling holes.

Do you just need new weather stripping?
If you have an aluminum threshold that’s in decent shape but the rubber weather stripping that seals against the door is worn out, you may be able to leave the threshold in place and just replace the weather stripping. It’s far easier than replacing the entire threshold.

So, should you do it yourself?
It all depends on what kind of threshold you need to replace and whether you have the right tools and the skills to use them.

For a complete threshold replacement, it’s best to call a contractor. Especially if you’re uncomfortable using a hacksaw or a power drill, if your home and threshold are old, or if your doorway is an unusual size or shape, consider hiring a pro.