Don’t Sweat It: Air Conditioning Tips

Nearly 52 record-high temperatures for 2012 were reached in the month of June, making this summer one of the hottest on record.

Cool Your Jets.
Is your air conditioning unit creating enough cold air? The cause may be overheating of the unit itself. Create shade for the unit and clear away any debris or obstructions, such as leaves and bushes, to allow for adequate airflow. Also, clean or replace the air filter and check to make sure that insulation is firmly secured.

Stay Cool When It Gets Hot.
If your air conditioning unit is not working properly and you have tried the above steps, you may need to clean or replace your filters. Air filters require regular cleaning and replacement to keep it functioning efficiently and effectively. If the air conditioning unit continues to malfunction, the problem may be with the internal fan. This issue requires a qualified professional who can restore your unit to optimal functionality. Don’t forget to call AHS if your air conditioner needs servicing.